Matt Walford


If your client is asking for the moon on a stick then Matt is your man.

Combining a keen eye for composition with expertise in digital collage and manipulation, Matt plays with scale and context to fashion convincing realities from impossible scenarios.


Matt wins Silver at Fresh Awards . . .
Trees for Cities wins Silver in the Advertising / Charity category and Bronze (boo) in the Best use of Photography/ Art Direction category!
Leurzer's features Trees for Cities ads

Mr Cooper's House and Garden

The two star Michelin venue in Manchester features Matt’s kaleidoscopic woodland images not only throughout their print ads, website and menus but also as artwork around the restaurant itself. Design Group Ahoy says “Walford embraces the magical feel of Mr Cooper’s, while touching on the opulence and heritage of the Midland and the restaurant’s link to nature and organic produce”.



Extraordinary Gentlemen
This series is made using 19th Century ‘carte de visite’ portraits to create an alternate Victorian reality.
I’m fascinated by these people but know absolutely nothing about them as they’ve all been dead for well over 100 years.  I create my own ‘reality’ for them, giving them a whole new context and meaning.
Each portrait has been carefully ‘colorised’ and then combined with my own photography to create the final pieces, taking my inspiration from such things as H.G Wells and Jules Verne.
Here’s a before and after and there are other examples in my Gallery.
Carnivorous Plant - Before & After

Below are the component parts of insects and plants, along with the finished Fly-Triffid image.Fly-Triffid-making


The Making Of . . .

Had a really great response to the ‘Animal Portrait’ series, with a lot of people asking how they were made..
The 4 different shots to the right are what went into making the Horned-Cow image to the left.  They were comped together, colour corrected and graded, with a bit of  added magic 😉Ankole-making


Olive Magazine

I was recently commissioned by the wonderful people at Olive Magazine to create a Photo Illustration for their May issue, ‘Cool List’ 2012. Was a lot of fun to work on and I love how crazy it looks!.


The Mystery Experience

Was lucky enough to be commissioned for my first book cover a while ago by Duncan Baird Publishers. I didnt know anything about the author Tim Freke beforehand but having done a bit of research he sounds like a very interesting chap!


Photography Masters Cup

Just found out I have had 2 images nominated for the 5th annual Photography Masters Cup! Pretty rad!

These are the nominated entries..